photo courtesy of Caleb Cook


Analog Delay Guitar "Pads" Sample Pack Vol. 1

by Luke Sullivant

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I am very happy to introduce this unique sample pack to music producers and programmers.  In this sample pack are 25 non-mastered, raw, 24bit/48kHz WAV files, meant for the producer to slice up, use, and manipulate. The idea here is to give the producer actual analog "pads" or "clouds" that were physically created by me, in real-time, around a single pitch.  12 of the files are continuous stable pitches, and 12 are pitches with glitches.  To be layered in any way you want.  I also included an analog delay "spaceship noises" track.  I purposely recorded these performances in mono to allow the producer to decide if they would like to further apply stereo spatial effects.  More often than not, I have found that the sounds that put a smile on my face are the unpredictable ones; that is what this sample pack is all about!  Think of it as a tone/pitch generator that you can use, musically; then get your plugins pulled up and explore the space!

No two files are the same by any means; this was a real-time recording I decided to make available.  At the heart of this project are continuous single-note guitar "pad" sounds.  After playing a note on my tele through a tube amp, I manually created the continuous analog delay oscillation and feedback in realtime, shifting back and forth between the volume knob on my guitar and the feedback/repeats control on the analog delay.  In other words, each recorded moment and oscillation is completely unique, bringing out random and unusual harmonic results.  Hopefully, you will find these 25 files kind of like having me in your studio making very useful and random sounds all day!

-Included in these audio files for purchase are: lengthy, continuous "pad" audio of single notes (the 12 notes of the chromatic scale (A-G#). Each continuous "pad" file has three octaves per note recorded seperately located within one WAV file (edit to fit your needs).  -Also included is a shorter additional file for each of the 12 chromatic notes using more extreme realtime, random, analog delay/modulation manipulations.  -And finally, a very lenghty track that includes many various non-note specific "spaceship" special effects created in realtime, manually, with adjustments to the the rate and feedback of the delay; as well as the rate and depth of the modulation section of the analog delay. Keep in mind, the results for each note vary; there is often no "rhyme or reason" why certain note resonate certain ways with a guitar amp (louder, softer etc..); and certainly no way to predict how analog delay chip oscillations will play out.  I think it sounds great!  Because of the unpredictability, they will layer well when you combine them to make chords.  Also, bear in mind, self-oscillation causes distortion of the analog chip-set, but, rest assured, the audio files are not peaking. Be sure to check out the samples on this page.    

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THESE DIGITAL FILES.  Copyright law applies; all rights reserved and material is copyrighted by Luke Sullivant